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Learn How To Hack WiFi Password In 3 Steps

Follow these simple instructions and learn how to hack WiFi password in just 10 minutes!


WiFi Sniffer® 3

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  • Hack WiFi passwords  – WEP, WAP and WAP2 encrypted
  • User friendly design – 3 foolproof steps
  • 100% Portable – no need for installation
  • Fast and Reliable – our online servers are doing all the work
  • Technical Support – just ask for help
  • Trusted by more than 15 thousand users worldwide

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Latest ver. 3.0.0 | 4.2 MB Changelog

Version for Windows, Android and iOS

“Internet should be free. Every human being should have right to free internet access.”

WiFi Sniffer Team


WiFi Sniffer® is made with customer in mind, and is focused to be user friendly and easy as much as possible.

Advanced Decrypting Technology with WiFi Hacker module

WiFi Sniffer® uses innovative approach that uses GPU-based online servers to hack WiFi passwords, so that the time required for hacking is reduced from several hours to just 10-15 minutes. Also, intelligent WiFi Hacker module applies the most efficient method of decryption during WiFi password hacking. WiFi Sniffer® dictionary contains over 500,000 terms.

Fast, Light & Portable

WiFi Sniffer® is optimized, lightweight and fully portable, so it can be used from a USB stick on different devices. Before WiFi Sniffer®, WiFi password hacking was a time-consuming and complicated process, but now speed is a need.

Easy to use with best interface around

All the best tools for WiFi password hacking are developed for Linux. WiFi Sniffer® is designed to simplify the whole process and to reach Windows, Android and iOS users by using 3 step foolproof procedure that anyone can follow. Sleek and simplistic, but very effective layout is designed to give enjoyable user experience.

Professional Technical Support

Our team is constantly working on improving the WiFi Sniffer® product. If you need help or support in relation to the WiFi hacker, our team is always at your disposal. Send us a message via Web chat, and we will make sure that you get a response and solution as soon as possible. It will be our pleasure to help you.

How to hack WiFi password?

Learn how to get your free copy of WiFi Sniffer and how to hack WiFi password

01 - Introduction

WiFi technology is used more than ever. No cables, no worries, with Internet access across all our devices. In order to protect the privacy, WiFi connection is frequently password protected.

Sometimes the password is lost or have been forgotten, and all the best tools to hack WiFi passwords are developed for Linux. Linux is complicated to use, right? What to do then?

This is the part where WiFi Sniffer® comes in! It can unlock WEP, WPA and WPA2 protected WiFi connections in 3 easy steps within 10-15 minutes, using online multi GPU-based servers, rather than limited power of home devices.

Let’s begin with WiFi hacking already!


02 - Download WiFi Sniffer

  • Click Free Download Now Button

    Go to the Download in the menu bar, and click on the Free Download Now button

  • Choose your operating system

    Click on the icon of the operating system on which you want to use WiFi Sniffer. Currently supported operating systems are Windows, Android and iOS

  • Get Your Free License

    • To get the License, you will have to complete one of our sponsors offers (for more about offers and how to complete one go to FAQ in menu bar)
    • After successfully completing one offer, your download will start
    • Choose where the file will be stored on your device and wait for download to finish


  • Run WiFi Sniffer

    Run downloaded file WiFi Sniffer 3

03 - How to hack wifi password

  • 1 - Click Scan For Networks Button

    WiFi Sniffer will scan all networks in range as well as the signal strength for each network

  • 2 - Choose network to hack

    From the list choose network you want to hack

  • 3 - Click Hack WiFi Password button

    This button starts hacking of selected network! With just a little patience, in 10-15min (depending on speed of your connection) hacked WiFi password will show in the center of final window. Just copy it for later use.


That’s it! After just a few steps and a little patience you’ll successfully learned how to hack WiFi password for the first time. Repeat this process a few more times and you can feel free to call yourself Mr./Ms. WiFi Hacker or maybe Mr./Ms. WiFi Unlocker. Joking aside. Hacking someone else’s password is illegal! We do not support you in the theft, but only in a rational, limited lending. We wish you happy days of hacking!


WiFi Sniffer Team

"Wi-Fi Sniffer is so powerful that there is almost no way that it could not be effective! I have used Wi-Fi Sniffer a few times now and each time I was very happy. Keep up the excellent work! "
Luis A. Delorme
Modesto, CA
"Wi-Fi Sniffer exceeded my expectations. Man, this thing's getting better and better as I learn more about it. My wife and I tried Wi-Fi Sniffer to get neighbours pass, and it worked like a charm! Keep up the excellent work!"
Gerald M. Burnside
Seattle, WA
"Wi-Fi Sniffer is so efficient. I'm one happy customer! I've using it for one week and there is no pass it can't brake! It's incredible."
Derrick M. Bernard
Indianapolis, IN
"Wi-Fi Sniffer has impressed me on multiple levels. Thank you for making it painless, pleasant and most of all hassle free! I absolutely LOVE Wi-Fi Sniffer. It's just amazing."
Brian T. Holmgren
Rancho Cordova, CA